Weekly Meal Plan – week January 11

Second full week in January and keeping up the meal planning. Just to recap last week’s meal plan, I followed the meal plans until the weekend. We still had the flank steak I planned for Saturday but we had it the past Sunday instead with hasselback-style roasted potatoes. On Saturday, we had turkey avocado burgers […]

Slow-cooker Chili

I love chili on a cool fall day. The irony is that it’s actually pretty warm in Toronto this week. Like unseasonably warm 18 – 20 degrees C (64 – 70 F). While its great to get some Indian summer weather, I am bracing myself for some cooler days ahead. The original recipe called for […]

Meal Planning for the week of October 26

I hate meal planning. For those that know me, I love to cook on the fly and adapt recipes so meal planning goes against my nature. However, it can be a time saver, budget saver, sanity saver – the list could go on. So, I will endeavour to do this and commit to this – […]