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It’s been many moons since I’ve last posted…

For those that know me personally or follow my Instagram (see right ->), you know most of what’s been happening in my life. Just have not been active here!

The last few years, I switched jobs (same work, closer commute and now with Co-vid, super close commute), did IVF and successfully added to our family (Calder is almost 2!) and been busy being a hockey and stage mom to Boden, who is now 8, who loves hockey and acting (and many other pursuits). So definitely helping him live his best life! We have also owned a new-to-us pop up trailer for the past year and have done as much camping as we can.

I started 2020 by returning to work after a year-long mat leave and Calder started daycare in February. March Break, we all know what happened and we were all back at home, working full-time, being teacher and daycare provider. I know I’m not a supermom and CANNOT do it all! Now that September is almost over, and the kids are back to school and daycare, and my busiest period at work for 2020 is over, I feel like I actually have time to myself again during the day (even while working from my dining table). Time to revitalize this blog! Realistically, this will not be a daily blog, weekly? Hope so. What about? Probably more of the same that’s on my Instagram, but in more detail. I do want to declutter, try new recipes, buy clothes only when needed and really think about what we need to live a simple life in our (small) home. Minimalist 2021? Possibly… Stay tuned.

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