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Last night’s dinner: Turkey meatloaf with spaghetti squash and spinach

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So here’s a food confession – I don’t cook from scratch every night. Some of you  may be recoiling from this little news flash but I also know some of you are sighing with relief – a mom who honestly says she can’t do it all and admits she is busy (working full-time then taking care of a three year old is hard enough sometimes on a weeknight without having to cook dinner). Some nights, like tonight, I have no clue what I’m making for dinner (something from the freezer and/or from a box I’m sure).

Last night was a hybrid cooking night. I ended up baking a turkey meatloaf with sundried tomatoes I prepared two months ago at Supperworks and making spaghetti squash and sautéed spinach. I really like Supperworks as you can prepare 12 meals (6 meals split in two) in 1-2 hours and the ingredients are all prepped for you and no cleaning up is required. While it’s cheaper to make it yourself, it is a great time-saving option, you get high quality meat cuts and it is cheaper and healthier than eating out (not a paid ad, just a fan of the concept and Supperworks). If you want to replicate the recipe (which I might soon as both S and B enjoy this meatloaf), here are the listed ingredients on their website: Ground turkey, celery, diced onion, sun dried tomatoes, tomato sauce, liquid egg, breadcrumbs, ground sage, oregano, salt, pepper. Supperworks even has gluten-free breadcrumbs if you are celiac or just prefer to be gluten-free.

I baked the spaghetti squash Sunday night with my turkey roast, asparagus and potatoes (talk about multitasking). I used Jaden’s (Steamy Kitchen) Baked spaghetthi squash with garlic and butter recipe. It’s easy to make (hardest thing was cutting the squash – it had a tough skin!) and delicious. I ended up adding both parsley (dried) and fresh basil.

For the sautéed spinach, no recipe. I drizzle olive oil in the fry pan over medium-high, add some minced garlic then when hot, throw in the baby spinach. It cooks up very fast (2 minutes tops) and then sprinkle some sea salt (and red chili flakes, if desired).

Something I’m endeavoring is meal planning and cooking more so there will be more recipe testing/adapting posts. Rest assured, there will always be a place for Mac and cheese (Annie’s though and not KD).


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