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Last Minute Thanksgiving Side Dish Ideas

brussel sproutsWith Canadian Thanksgiving upon us this weekend, you may have your Thanksgiving dinner menu planned out or you are panicking and still search for some ideas. I am in the later group. I have some ideas – could go with the tried and true – mashed potatoes, peas, bread or  try something new. I think I will do a combination – don’t mess with the traditions but great to showcase your cooking skills with some easy new recipes. I like to keep it simple when it comes to Thanksgiving or any other major holiday dinner as there are so many moving parts – when you keep it simple, harder to mess up the sides! Here is a round-up of some recipes I’ve pinned (and in most some cases tried).

Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts by Megan of Detoxinista – This recipe I’ve tried and my family loved. Very easy and healthy! Great for the Brussels sprouts lover and worthy of trying for those that aren’t. My picky toddler even ate them!

Creamed Spinach by Deb of Smitten Kitchen – Another winner, if you enjoy creamed spinach. I really like creamed spinach and crave it sometimes (dairy and veggies are a great pairing in my books) but my husband, S, is not the biggest fan. This recipe is wonderfully simple.

Toasted Garlic & Parsley Quinoa by Alyssa of EverydayMaven – Quinoa, like Brussels Sprouts, you either love it or hate it and of course, I love it. A great protein-packed grain that most vegetarians and omni/carnivores like. This would be a great option instead of rice (a staple at my Chinese-Canadian family gatherings).  If you love garlic, you may want to add a touch more but don’t go overboard and in a pinch, dried parsley works (I know as I’ve tried it).

Easy Oven Roasted Vegetables by Meghan of Clean Eats, Fast Feet – I haven’t tried this recipe per se but definitely a variation. Definitely an easy recipe and presents beautifully with all the fall colours of the vegetables. What is great about this recipe is that you can pop it in the oven with the turkey. Depending on the turkey temp, I would adjust time according. If the turkey is lower than the 375 degree F that this recipe prescribes, I would bump up the temperature to 400 once the turkey is done/out to get a little more colour. Just watch you don’t burn your veggies!

Hope you like the links and let me know what sides you are preparing for your big meal!




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