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Weekly Meal Planning for Week January 4th

Meal Planning Jan 4

Starting off the first week of January right with a meal plan! Something that is not on my 2016 goals but I’m actively working towards is decluttering and that includes my freezer and pantry. I noticed over the Christmas break that my stand up freezer in the garage is packed – which is shocking as it’s huge! I remember when we bought it right before having B that we would never fill it and it is actually now full. I like to buy food on sale and do a bit of stockpiling but it is time to clear it out. My reasoning is that there will always be another sale and I will be buying more food in 2016. Plus, I can save some money in January (which is another unofficial goal – No Spend January – only buy/ spend what is needed).

I’m going to start this week’s menu on this past Sunday as for the life of me, I can’t think of what to make this upcoming Sunday. Hindsight is 20/20 right? I’m also trying to write it out on a monthly calendar even though I do meal planning weekly so that I’m not repeating too much (and there will be some repeats as I do have my standbys for quick and easy meals).

Meal Plan Calendar

For the first week back at work, some of these are from scratch but most are throw together meals for quick weeknight dinners.


  • Meatball Stroganoff with mushrooms and spinach – I used the Meatball Stroganoff recipe from Menu Musings (ran out of oregano so subbed rosemary instead) and added some mushrooms and baby spinach to the dish for some veg. I scooped this sauce over spaetzle (my favourite egg noodle).


  • Pasta with meatballs, mushrooms and tomato sauce – The pasta was wagon wheels (B’s choice), meatballs I pan-fried from the night before, diced mushrooms and jarred Trader Joe’s traditional marinara sauce. I contemplated making my own sauce but it was Monday (the first day back at work after two weeks off) and I had some jarred sauce on hand. Jarred it was.


  • Spaetzle carbonara with back bacon and peas – I have leftover spaetzle from Sunday night so I will use this for the pasta carbonara from The Pioneer Woman, which I’ve used before. Sometimes the best meals are thrown together from leftovers and I’m using leftover spaetzle noodles to make something new. I don’t have bacon on hand but did buy some English back bacon a couple months back that is sitting in my freezer. I defrosted the back bacon last night and it should be ready for cooking this evening. A plus for meal planning – you take out the food you need the night before instead of scrambling with the microwave defrost function.


  • Chicken coriander wontons with noodles in chicken broth – This is a complete throw together meal. I will boil the dried noodles and wontons and then throw in a broth.  These wontons are from Costco and are perfect for a quick meal – they boil up in 2-3 minutes! Chicken broth is from the tetra box.


  • Pierogies with sour cream and salad – Chicken pierogies from Costco. I also have some spinach and feta ones that I will cook up. If I have time, I will fry up some onions to go along with the pierogies. The salad is also from Costco and is the bagged chopped salad. I really like the cilantro in that dressing.


  • Slow-cooker garlic honey garlic chicken wings and fries – I bought wings a couple months ago and need to cook them up! The slow-cooker is great for a weeknight and these garlic honey garlic wings from With Salt & Wit will be easy to prepare in the morning and be ready after work. This recipe calls for cooking on high for 3-4 hours and I will cook on low for 8ish so will add a bit more liquid so it doesn’t dry up.


  • Supperworks Flat Iron Steak with Crockpot Potatoes au gratin and steamed frozen mixed vegetables –  I’m hoping we do some errands or projects around the house so the slow-cooker will be used two nights in a row – this has never happened before. I will follow the potatoes au gratin recipe from Chelsea’s Messy Apron and grill up the steaks I have marinated from Supperworks from a few months back.

My original goal was to try one new recipe a week and I don’t think I will have an issue meeting it -I’m trying two new this week! Have a great week everyone and let’s stay on track with 2016 goals!

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