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Meal planning week of November 9 and recipe link love

Meal planning Nov 9

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I know I’m late on this post. 🙁 I’m finding it hard to meal plan, especially when I’m trying to eat clean. I’m doing another round of 21 day fix and instead of making separate meals, I’m trying to incorporate the clean eating for the whole family. This is what is challenging (especially when throwing in a picky three year old) but I know I can get results and more energy if I portion control and eat properly.

Here is what is on the menu this week:


  • Coconut coriander shrimp from Supperworks with truRoots sprouted rice & quinoa blend – B really likes shrimp and while this has a bit of a kick, he still loves it! I served plain brown rice for him as he’s not a fan of quinoa.


  • Leftovers from Monday (this is what happens when your spouse is away, more leftovers)



  • Cantonese stir-fry Flank Steak with tomatoes, served with Jasmine rice. The recipe I go to most is the one by Lainey of Laineygossip fame. This is basically the recipe my mom uses. There are a couple of variations that I will share as well from Woks of Life and Appetite for China.


  • Going out with work to Bier Markt – S & B will likely have pizza.


  • Going out with friends for a kid-free dinner to Casa Barcelona. It’s been years since I’ve been there (used to live nearby) and looking forward to good eats and some entertainment.


Hope everyone has a great week and share what you’re eating – especially if it’s healthy! Would love to try some new clean recipes.

5 thoughts on “Meal planning week of November 9 and recipe link love”

    1. Hi Jessica, I find Pinterest a great source for ideas on 21 day fix and clean eating recipes and meal planning. I usually do the same breakfast (protein shake/ smoothie) and lunch (salad with a protein and a little whole grains) and mix in hard boiled eggs, nuts or seeds or some fruit for snacks.

  1. I feel your pain on the meal planning, I’m all good intentions but keep running out of time in reality so have only managed two meal planning posts so far. However trying to do it has made me more mindful when it comes to doing the weekly shop so that’s definitely a positive which I’ve got out of it 🙂

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