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Meal Planning for week of November 2

Meal planning wk2

Last week was a relative meal planning success! A quick recap of the first meal plan: I followed for Monday and Tuesday (except no time for cucumber salad – just cut up cucumbers and carrots and served with hummus), switched Wednesday and Thursday, and had Japanese takeout for dinner on Friday. We had so much leftovers from Thursday and Friday night, we ate leftovers for both Saturday and Sunday night. I made the chili yesterday (Sunday) night and totally forgot about the cornbread. And no creamy mushroom spaghetti – will have to do it another day soon.

Once I have our meal plan in place, it wasn’t too hard to follow – it’s the getting the plan set up that drives me bonkers. I bought a ton of meat this weekend, which I generally don’t do but I went to a new local Chinese/ Asian supermarket and bought what was on sale and froze it (which is a great tip to save money).

With S leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow, I’m on my own until Saturday morning so I usually keep it simple and toddler-friendly (B is Picky with a capital “P”) so I can keep my sanity.

This is the plan for this week:


  • Chili – recipe from last week (I will post my adapted recipe tomorrow).
  • Garlic bread or rice


  • Egg fried rice with steamed broccoli


  • Take out: Chicken tenders and wedge fries (from Superstore) with fresh veggies



  • Indian take out



Thanks to everyone who gave me ideas –  I do appreciate it and have incorporated some above and will do more in future plans. Have a great week!


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  1. I like meal planning because it gives me so much to look forward to! It is rough to get down to actually just planning it out. I heard there was a way of even planning on exactly what to buy with no waste. Wish I could remember!

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