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Words of Wisdom Wednesday: Half the battle is showing up

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Half the battle is showing up.” – Unknown.

Happy hump day! I had a meeting this morning with my department (I work at an university where our jobs are to advise students) and my executive director said the above quote to our team when we mentioned how we have have a pretty high “no-show” rate for some of our registered events. What people don’t know is that if you don’t show up for recruiting events, employers don’t know who you are, have a harder time getting to know you and you are less likely to get the interview, and thus, a job. So, while you think something could be a waste of time, it could be enough for you to get noticed and to get a job (and in some cases, a career).

While I don’t think this is life changing in any way, these are meaningful words. This quote has been attributed by some to Woody Allen as he said, “80 percent of life is showing up“. Perhaps in some instances, it is 80% but I don’t put all the credit on just showing up. Showing up is not enough nowadays. Whatever you do, you do have to put your best foot forward to come out on top.

While this quote is thought to only apply to career advice or job search, it can be applied for all aspects of life.

For some people having difficulties (mental, physical or otherwise), getting out of bed is hard. Literally, if you can get out the door, that is half the battle for these individuals and should be seen as a success.

As a previous runner and I say this as I thought of myself at times as a  fair weather runner, you sometimes don’t want to go and need a push. Who wants to run or ______ when you can stay in bed and snooze a little longer? I remember one coach said that if you don’t feel like running, put on your workout clothes and put on your shoes and that should be enough to get you going. By the time you show up for the run, there is a slim to zero chance you will turn around and go home and instead, you will go for a run, despite your original frame of thought. How is this? Once you get the momentum going, you are likely to keep going instead of turning back.

Do you feel this holds true for you?

Let me know! L

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