Favourite Advent Calendars roundup

[Source:  thefaceshop-america.com]
[Source: thefaceshop-america.com]
While I feel like Christmas season starts earlier and earlier each year, it is December 1 and the traditional start of Advent calendars and Elf on the Shelf, if you participate in either.

[Source: elfontheshelf.com]
[Source: elfontheshelf.com]
I’m personally not a fan of Elf on the Shelf (although I do own one – got as a gift) and I think you’re either Team Elf or not. If you are Team Elf, there are a ton of creative ideas on Pinterest that you can use for the next 24 days.

[Source: shop.lego.com]
[Source: shop.lego.com]
For our son, B, this year, we did the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar. For a three year old, he is a big fan. We actually started our Advent Calendar last week as we are going away for Christmas and don’t want to take this big box with us. While the suggested age is 6-14, B has been able to put together the daily set with some supervision from S.

[Source: lindt.ca]
For the traditionalist who likes their chocolate, Lindt makes one where the chocolate is more than edible and you would actually look forward to your daily chocolate fix.

One Advent Calendar that I thought would be fun is the Face Shop Advent Calendar (first image) filled with beauty products. Nothing like 24 days of pampering and having beautiful skin for Christmas day. 🙂

[Source: rrupps via instructables.com]
[Source: rrupps via instructables.com]
For the beer lover, nothing is more appropriate than a Beer advent calendar! If you lucky enough to live in a province where you can buy the Craft BeerAdvent calendar, give it a try (I am unfortunately not in one of the chosen provinces). Its a good opportunity to taste some good beers and support some craft breweries. If you are crafty or more selective in your beer, make your own DIY beer Advent Calendar from Instructables.

It is too late to buy online and get it delivered to start today (and almost all the above that I mentioned are sold out online) but you may luck out with still finding them available in-store. You can always start it later and binge open the calendar but otherwise, there is always next year.

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