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Easy Dipping Sauces

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Some people don’t like mayonnaise but I’m a big fan. But, I should clarify – Miracle Whip salad dressing, not just regular mayo. I have heard that there are houses divided with the Miracle Whip vs. mayo debate but in our house, Miracle Whip all the way.

Last night was one of those night where I didn’t cook. Instead, I picked up a Chicken tender and potato wedge special from Superstore. I’m not providing a recipe for that meal I bought but I did whip up (pun intended) some easy sauces for dipping. I’m not really calling them recipes as there is no recipe needed – just mix to taste.

  1. Agave mustard – My version of honey mustard but made with agave instead (you can definitely use honey as a substitute). About 1 Tbsp each of agave and mustard. Add more agave if you like it sweeter, more mustard if you like it tangy.
  2. Spicy mayo – This is my take of what you get when you go to a Sushi restaurant. 1 Tbsp of Miracle Whip (or mayo or even Vegenaise, which I do like) and a couple squirts of sriracha hot sauce (I prefer the incomparable Huy Fong). You can even use Tabasco or Frank’s RedHot – just will taste different but still spicy.
  3. Cumin mayo – Like a curry mayo but I couldn’t find any curry spice in the house and cumin had the same effect. A little smokey, added depth the basic mayo. 1 Tbsp of Miracle Whip, add a pinch of cumin (or more to taste).

So even though making dinner didn’t happen last night, I was able to make some sauces for our take-out dinner. Hope you enjoy them and let me know how they turn out!

By the way, I am sorry for the dark picture above. I really need to start to add lighting to my dinner shots – its getting dark so early now and my pictures are not turning out well.


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