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1st Day of School and Free Download: First Day of School Sign

Today is B’s last day of daycare in his pre-kindergarten class.

In Ontario, kids can start school in the year they turn 4 (by December 31st) and my little B is starting junior kindergarten next week. *sob* He is my only child so while milestones are hard on most parents, S and I are bracing for our waterworks and will bring a box of tissue with us on the first day of school. B has been in daycare since he was one so he should be up to the rigueur of full day kindergarten (FDK) but it will still be a big change with a new school,  new teachers and new friends. We’ve been debating whether or not he should take the school bus to school this first year but I think we’ve decided (for now) that one of us will drive him to school and the other will pick up as he will be in after school care so wouldn’t be able to take the bus home. He seems excited to start and we hope he enjoys “big school”.

I love the idea of taking annual pictures on the first day of school and last day as well. There are so many creative ideas of chalkboards, using frames, etc and I’ve designed my own after seeing some inspirations. Today is the start of a new tradition with his last day of daycare and we’ll be doing the first day of Jr. Kindergarten next week.

First day sign supplies

Boden First Day of K sign

Here is what I did:

  • I bought the FISKBO 8.5 x 11″ frame for $3.99 from Ikea. The white one isn’t online but I was able to find the green one. There were a ton of white (and black ones) in my local store near my office though.
  • This is a quick, easy project and even easier for you as I’ve included a free download of a template for the First Day of School. You can fill in the blanks with a pen or marker and you can either frame it as I have or glue/mount onto some foam board or cardboard.

Tip: Take out the glass out of the frame for the picture or there might be too much glare.

Free 1st day sign

You can download the PDF version of the sign for free here: First Day of School sign. It fits a 8.5×11″ frame well.

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Have a great long Labour Day weekend!

3 thoughts on “1st Day of School and Free Download: First Day of School Sign”

  1. This is so cute! My little one will be in “preschool” next year(we plan on homeschooling) but I still want to have a little book of pictures like this. I want her to be able to look back and see how much she has grown!

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