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Meal Planning for the week of October 26

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I hate meal planning. For those that know me, I love to cook on the fly and adapt recipes so meal planning goes against my nature. However, it can be a time saver, budget saver, sanity saver – the list could go on. So, I will endeavour to do this and commit to this – at least for the next three weeks. Why the next three weeks? S is out of town most of the next three weeks and I am single parenting. Usually if it is for a few days, I usually do take out (Indian, sushi, McD’s) but as its going to be so much longer, our budget (and my gut) can’t handle it. I don’t think we will be eating home prepared (and I specifically used to this word as I likely won’t be cooking from scratch most weeknights) dinner every night but if I can get 6 out of 7 or 86%, I will feel like I  succeeded.

Week of October 26


  • Leftover Chinese BBQ pork, sunny side up fried egg
  • Garlic baby bok choy from the Woks of Life – I usually don’t follow a recipe but this is a good one for those looking for direction. I usually add a little Shaoxing wine or chicken broth (if I have some leftover in the fridge).
  • served with Jasmine rice



  • Pasta and tomato/meat sauce with bell peppers and mushrooms


  • Frozen shrimp wontons, noodles and baby spinach in chicken broth


  • Take out!!!



So a little bit of “cooking” and quite a bit of  frozen prepared foods. Writing it down and getting through the week wasn’t so bad. Wish me luck and share with me your ideas for meal planning. I clearly need more inspiration! 🙂

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