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St. Patrick’s Day Recipe Round-up

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St. Paddy's Day recipes

St. Pats recipes


Forgive me for not posting for sooo long. I was definitely suffering from the February blahs after starting January strong with meal planning and working on my goals. Then I fell off the wagon. Hard. February and the beginning of March, for that matter, I’ve been terrible with meal planning, etc. The excuse? We’ve started some major home improvements and house-searching. That has been all-consuming and still continuing. I’ve lost count on the number of houses we’ve seen… 15+? And none have been just right. There actually hasn’t been too much available inventory in North Oakville so we are waiting to see more. We’ve also did a main bathroom overhaul and are finishing that now. I will post some before and afters once its complete. With carpet and hardwood selection and other purchases, usually during weeknights, meal planning has not been a priority. With Spring around the corner and St. Paddy’s Day the day after tomorrow, I’m hoping to get back on the wagon. I promise to post a meal plan for next week!

Ever since I’ve been with S (and even before then), I’ve always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. In my single days and early dating days with S, we used to go out to the local pubs or bars the day of and would get our Irish on (easier for S as he is part Irish). As we settled into comfortable couple hood and later now as parents, I usually make an Irish inspired meal and enjoy my Guinness at home. As St Paddy’s Day is on a weeknight this year, I will be using the slow cooker to make an easy quick to table dinner. My plan is to make Damn Delicious slow Cooker Corned Beef. With corned beef, carrots and potatoes, this will be a simple and pretty healthful meal. I will serve with a side a salad and fresh bread (par-baked ACE bakery bread).

Need some other ideas for tomorrow? You can also try:

These would be great recipes for any night but perfect to go with some green beer.

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